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Can I file a personal injury lawsuit after my car accident?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2022 | Car Accidents

Being injured in a motor vehicle accident can be a traumatic experience. The physical pain is just the beginning – there can also be emotional stress and financial problems. One thing you’ll need to decide is whether a personal injury lawsuit is something you should do, so understanding what they are is a good first step.

What is negligence?

Every driver on the road owes a duty to everyone else they share it with. By law, they must drive with a reasonable amount of care, so as to avoid accidents. When they fail in this duty, and cause an accident which injures someone else, they are considered legally negligent and may be held accountable. A personal injury lawsuit is what allows the injured person to be made whole after the accident.

The most common example of negligence is distracted driving – texting, eating or otherwise allowing your focus to be on some task other than safely driving your car. Maybe the driver is insured and maybe not. Whichever the case, insurance has its limits and will not always cover the serious injuries which can result from an accident. That’s where personal injury lawsuits come in.

They are a powerful tool available to you when you’re injured in a car accident. They give you the opportunity to hold the negligent driver responsible for their actions and to receive the compensation you’re entitled to as a result of your injuries. Lawsuits often get a bad name but the reality is they exist for a very good reason – to make injured victims whole again. If you’ve been injured and believe a personal injury lawsuit may be your best option, seek the assistance of an experienced professional to help guide you through the decision.