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Don’t Let A DWI Define The Rest Of Your Life

Any criminal charge can affect many aspects of your life including your job, family, where you live and your social relationships. This is why you need to work with a proven criminal defense attorney.

The team at Perry Griffin, PC Attorneys At Law in Southaven is dedicated to providing personal and professional legal representation. Our mission is to offer relentless protection of your rights and your future. Call for a consultation with an attorney: 662-240-2167.

Why Hire An Attorney For A DUI?

The earlier you attain legal representation, the better in Mississippi DUI/DWI cases. Why? Because you want to retain all of your rights and options. As criminal defense attorneys, we understand how important it is to review the evidence against you. We may be able to effectively challenge whether law enforcement had probable cause, if breath tests were appropriately administered and how evidence was obtained. If it was not legally obtained, we will work to have evidence against you thrown out. Whenever possible, we seek to get the charges against you dismissed or reduced.

We’re With You, From Start To Finish

We are a team of strong trial lawyers with extensive appellate experience. We are able to handle your case from the moment of your arrest through negotiations to trial and post-trial appeal. We are committed to providing professional defense that is built on a solid foundation of integrity. No matter what the criminal charge, we will be straightforward with you about what you are facing and how we can help. Our mission is to keep our justice system just.

Let’s Talk About What You Should Do Now

A DUI/DWI in Mississippi is a serious criminal charge. As a criminal charge it can ultimately determine the outlook of your future. Protect your future by working with a proven criminal defense team. Call 662-240-2167. Set up a consultation with one of our attorneys. You can also reach our team via website contact form. In Southaven, we help people charged with drunk driving in DeSoto County and the surrounding communities. Members of our legal team are also licensed to practice law in Tennessee. Hablamos español.