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You Can Pursue Compensation After A Crash That Wasn’t Your Fault

You’re driving down the road when someone hits you after running a red light. Your car is totaled, and you have whiplash and a broken wrist. Now you have doctor and hospital bills and will miss work. Is there anything you can do?

The short answer is yes. Every crash is different. But you do have rights. At Perry Griffin, PC Attorneys At Law, our personal injury team is ready to help. Not sure what to do first? Call us at 662-240-2167, and we will listen to what happened and let you know how we can help.

What Type Of Damages Can I Sue For?

You can sue for damages from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. In some cases, your own insurance may cover some or all of the damages. These damages will depend of course on the specifics of the crash. In general, you can sue for compensation for your:

  • Medical bills, including exams, consults, medication, care and equipment
  • Lost wages from missed work due to the crash
  • Car repairs or if your vehicle is totaled, then replacement
  • Pain and suffering or emotional distress in some cases

In fatal crashes, the family of the person who died can also bring a wrongful death lawsuit. This will cover the above expenses plus any funeral costs.

Types Of Crashes We Represent

There are many types of crashes that can cause injury. We represent people who’ve been hurt in crashes caused by another driver. This driver may be in any type of motorized vehicle. Here is a listing of the types of crashes we have or can represent:

  • Semi, tractor trailer – any type of commercial large transport rig, including 18-wheelers
  • Trucks of all kinds – if you are hit by either a privately owned or commercial truck
  • Public transportation – if you are injured while riding a bus or other form or public transport
  • Delivery vehicle – if you are injured due to the actions of the driver of a delivery vehicle
  • Bicycle – if you are hit while bike riding
  • Motorcycle – if you are hit or made to fall because of the actions of a driver
  • Pedestrian – if you are hit while walking, jogging or standing

No matter what type of personal injury you’ve suffered, it’s imperative that you understand your rights. You are never obligated to pursue a lawsuit. At Perry Griffin PC, we advise you on your rights and tell you what you can expect if you do move forward.

Turn To Our Team After A Crash

Get the information you need to get the results you deserve. Call 662-240-2167. You can also reach our team via our website contact form. Located in Southaven, we serve injured clients throughout DeSoto County and the surrounding communities. Members of our legal team are also licensed to practice law in Tennessee. Hablamos español.