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Some Of Our Most Notable Cases

  • State of Mississippi v. Justin Vanquez Thomas: 
    2009-KA-00708-COA, August 30, 2011 Reversal of Circuit Court judge’s denial of “Castle Doctrine Instruction” in a murder lead to two subsequent mistrials.
  • Cheryl McLemore Hearn, et al. v. Quince Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, LLC et al:
    2008 WL 4614265, No. W2007-02563-COA-R3-CV (Tenn. Ct. App. Oct. 16, 2008) Defeat of Arbitration agreement in nursing home case. The case resulted in confidential settlement with all parties. Case proceeded in Shelby County Circuit Court and the plaintiff’s constitutional right to trial was preserved.
  • Frederick Antwain Smith a/k/a Fredric Antwain Smith a/k/a Fredrick Smith a/k/a Fredric Smith Appellant v. State of Mississippi, Appellee:
    No. 2003-KA-00256-COA; Decided May 4, 2004. Reversal of conspiracy conviction in the Circuit Court of DeSoto County, Mississippi.
  • State of Mississippi v. Patrick Franklin:
    Tunica County Circuit Court; Cause No. 2001-0082 Defendant charged with Murder in Tunica County, Mississippi, for fatal stabbing of alleged victim. After week long trial defendant was acquitted.
  • State of Mississippi v. Latonya Pegues:
    Tate County Circuit Court; Cause No. CR 2001-115-SMT Latonya Pegues originally was charged with murder and state a life sentence. After a five-day trial was convicted. Post-trial motions lead to the granting of new trial. After arguing multiple motions, the case settled at an offer of time-served, after Pegues spent one year in custody awaiting trial.
  • State of Mississippi v. William ‘Tres’ Bass:
    DeSoto County Circuit Court; Cause No. 2008-0008 Defendant Bass charged with murder and State of Mississippi sought a life sentence without parole. After a five-day trial, defendant found not guilty by jury.
  • State of Mississippi v. Justin Vanquez Thomas:
    DeSoto County Circuit Court; Cause No. 2008-0505 Thomas indicted for murder, accused of killing victim in a parking lot with over 50 eye witnesses. Thomas initially convicted of the lesser charge of manslaughter. Attorney appealed and Court of Appeals reversed manslaughter conviction. Two subsequent trials resulted in hung jury mistrials. Finally, the state agreed to a time-served plea to manslaughter.
  • State of Tennessee v. Edward Lee Winters:
    Defendant initially charged with First Degree Murder facing potential life in prison in Shelby County, Tennessee. After six day jury trial a jury was deadlocked at a 10-2 vote for acquittal. After mistrial was declared, the defendant was offered a time served plea. After spending two years in custody awaiting trial, the defendant accepted a time-served plea to reckless homicide.
  • State of Mississippi v. Antonio Glover:
    Panola County Circuit Court; Cause No. 2011-55 Defendant charged in a drug execution case. Defendant was originally charged with multiple counts including capital murder, kidnapping, arson, burglary, and various forms of conspiracies. At the conclusion of the week-long trial, the defendant was convicted of simple murder. Defense counsel filed post-trial motions and the murder conviction was set aside. The defendant was given a new trial and the second trial resulted in a conviction for conspiracy, but deadlocked/hung jury on all homicide count(s). Prior to retrial for murder, defendant was offered a manslaughter plea and accepted.
  • State of Mississippi v. Jelani Greene:
    DeSoto County Circuit Court; Cause No. CR2011-261GCD Defendant initially charged with capital murder. Subsequently, Defendant was indicted for murder. After motions for psychological testing, and receipt of the opinions of a psychiatrist and psychologist, Counsel for defendants set matter for a bench trial. Defense counsel successfully established that defendant was McNaughten Rule insane at the time of the events that lead to indictment. Defendant was found Not Guilty by reason of insanity. Subsequently, defense counsel argued successfully that the sanity of the defendant was fully restored.
  • State of Mississippi v. Roderick Gilliam, DeSoto County 2014-0180RCD:
    Gilliam was charged with Count 1: Conspiracy; Count 2: Armed Robbery; and Count 3: First Degree Murder. After a three-day jury trial, Gilliam was acquitted of murder, and a mistrial was declared on the first two counts.