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Do not fall for the multitasking myth while driving

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2022 | Car Accidents

In today’s fast-moving society, it is easy to be overconfident in our ability to do more than one thing at a time. Sometimes multitasking even seems essential, especially if we are in a rush. Still, it is dangerous to assume you can drive while doing something else at the same time.

The multitasking myth

According to the Mississippi Department of Transportation, in 2015 there were 3,477 traffic deaths across the U.S. due to distracted driving. We like to think we are capable of multitasking, but MDOT reports that this is just not possible. Instead of focusing on two things at once, our brain simply switches quickly back and forth between the tasks. This means that it is just not safe to eat, adjust the radio, talk to passengers or use a cell phone while driving.

The danger of texting and driving

Texting and driving is especially dangerous. If you are texting behind the wheel, it means your eyes are off the road, your hands are off the wheel and you are thinking about something other than driving. This can easily lead to a car crash.

In fact, MDOT reports that texting creates a risk for a car crash that is 23 times greater than the risk posed by those who are not texting and driving. And, if you are using a cell phone while driving the amount of brain activity focused on the task of driving goes down 37%.

Clearly, we should not fall for the myth that it is safe to multitask while driving. It simply is not possible. If a person causes a distracted driving accident because they were using a cell phone or doing something else while driving, they could face a personal injury lawsuit later on down the road.